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Getting your home painted involves a lot of decisions. Not only do you have to decide what colors to use for the main fields, you need to determine the tones to use for the trim and any foundation finish. Finally, you need to hire a painting company you can trust. Shelby Macomb Painters can provide you with residential painting services built around a crew chief and team of highly skilled professionals that cannot be beat. We take the guesswork out of color selection by offering a free color consultation with one of our professional designers. This offer is good for all paint jobs over $2,500.00.

How it works:  After signing our contract and submitting a deposit to secure your spot on our schedule, a professional designer will contact you to aid with color selection. They will come to your home at a convenient time and spend up to 45 minutes with you to secure the look you want to achieve.

Classic brown and white living room interior with hardwood floor.

Time-Tested Expertise

Shelby Macomb Painters of Shelby Township MI has twenty years of experience in making Michigan homes look wonderful. In addition, our team of highly skilled residential painters are in the business of making homeowners happy. Our team members are a part of our family, so their training is built around working safely. In addition, they are carefully trained to work quickly and efficiently, taking care to do a neat job both in and on your home. In addition, our crews are guided by skilled project managers who will be available for you to contact should you have any questions about your project.

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Prep Work is Key

The topcoat of paint on any project is actually one of the simplest steps for a great looking paint job. To truly make your home look its best, you need a crew that knows how to

1) Clean surfaces. Depending on the age of the previous paint job, that topcoat may be dingy, dusty or infested with mold spores. This is a big risk on outdoor paint jobs. To make sure your new paint job clings over time, the surface needs to be cleaned with the right product.

2) Repair holes and check for damage. Drywall is easy to damage. In addition, you may want to move some items around once your walls are freshly painted. Our crews will check out the condition of your interior walls, patch all holes and damage where the sheetrock paper was scraped and sand the surface.

3) Prime when necessary. There are multiple paint formulations that may include a primer. However, depending on the colors you choose and the amount of repair work that needs to be done, you may be better off with a separate primer and topcoat. Our professionals can help you make the right choice.

4) Apply the topcoat. Our crews know that your life can get back to normal when the painting job is done and we work hard to get that topcoat applied. However, the previous steps need to be done to build a smooth surface for the topcoat to look great.

Paint Formulations

Paint and Painting as an industry has been under a great deal of scrutiny over the years. We have watched paint formulations change over time and understand what products work best in certain applications. More importantly, it's our job to study changes in the paint blending industry so we know what formulations can be safely used in which applications. For busy professionals, working with a team of painting professionals that can help you make the best choice as far as paint and primer can save you a great deal of time. Our team of residential painters will do what it takes to help you enjoy your beautiful paint job for years to come.


A fresh paint job is a joy and can make a home feel incredibly clean. However, getting to that topcoat application can put your home at risk of dust and spatter. However, our crews consider masking to be one of the biggest parts of their job. The rest of your home will be protected from the painting area. In addition, we will work to protect each access point to the space to be painted to make sure that dust and dirt aren't tracked into the areas of your home that don't need to be painted. We appreciate your patience at this time; the masking process can seem slow to some homeowners and leave you wondering if this project will ever get done. No worries, it will! In addition, we will do our best to get it done without making a mess of the rest of your home.


Shelby Macomb Painters is insured to provide residential painting services with care, and with an eye toward securing your home and belongings. Our employees are vetted and trained to the best of our ability to work inside your home with no risk to you or your possessions. If you experience any discomfort at any point during the painting project at your home, you only need to contact your crew chief or our company leadership to get the situation corrected. In every aspect of your painting project, we're not finished until you're happy.

Skip the Worries

When you decide to hire professionals to help with your residential painting services, give us a call. We will meet with you to discuss timelines and paint colors. Once we assess your space, we can let you know what our time requirements are in terms of cleaning, patching, sanding, priming, and applying the final topcoat. You should have an estimate with a price before we leave your home and once you've accepted our quote, we can work with you to set up a timeline for your project to start, the number of days it will take, and most importantly, the day you'll have your house back.

Our crew of residential painters is extremely well-trained and happy to help you bring your house up to snuff. When looking for a crew of "painters near me" make sure to hire a crew that lives in your community. At no point will you be wondering when your Macomb County area home painting project will start. Once we set a start date, we will check in with you to make sure everything is good to go and our crew will show up on the scheduled date. You have plenty to do at your job. Let us do ours.

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