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Keeping your deck stained and sealed is the best way to make sure that this investment lasts as long as your house does. A well-sealed and stained deck will be protected against moisture damage, time and sun rot. Before you can stain it, however, the surface will need to be prepared.

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Your deck will need to be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that the new coat of stain is evenly absorbed. Be aware that if the lumber on your deck hasn't been sealed regularly, it may need to be sanded to get the stain and sealant to soak in and provide the best protection. In addition, sanding may be necessary to get the stain to adhere fully and present a consistent, rich color.

The Science of Wood

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Depending on the lumber that went into your deck and the age of the sealant or stain, you may need to have it scraped and sanded down to a fresh grain. As wood ages, it can crack or twist. Because deck lumber can often be pressure treated or treated to repel pests that it may have been installed slightly damp with this protectant. If the lumber has cracked or started to twist down the length of the board, getting the lumber sanded to expose new, straight grain is critical to the longevity of the deck and the safety of those who walk on it. Once fresh grain is exposed, the next step would be to apply a stain in the color you want, to properly seal it against the elements, and provide a flat walking surface.


Cleaning the lumber of your deck is critical to getting a great-looking coat of stain and a quality protective seal. We use various cleaning products to ensure that a clean base is provided for the stain. We use a biodegradable stripper to remove as much of the old sealant or stain as we can. Then we apply a brightener/neutralized to bring the pH level back to zero, so the stripper and stain are not fighting each other. In our experience, this is where most other companies fall short. Our crew of deck strainers will also review the "drip area" around and under your deck where these cleaning products are likely to drip or puddle. Because deck boards need to be applied with a gap to allow for expansion, there will be drip. While this may not be a concern for a first story deck, if your patio balcony is in need of an update, our crew will mask the area where the deck meets the house and where dripping product could impact siding, patio stones or furniture below.

Deck Sanding

Not all deck staining projects require a preliminary sanding. Many can be done with a thorough cleaning and pre-treatment to make sure the stain adheres effectively. However, if the lumber on your deck is showing splits around the screw holes or if the edges are curling up, sanding will help the lumber last longer and make your deck a safer place to walk.

Prep Work and Timing

One of the big challenges for deck staining companies is that prep work, such as cleaning, scraping and sanding, can be discouraging for homeowners. Prep work is time consuming and may actually make your deck, which formerly looked okay, look temporarily terrible. Our estimators will do their best to share this with you and help you prepare for what your deck staining project will entail. However, we promise it will be worth it. Our crews are extremely well-trained in every step of deck staining. Hang in there, the finished product will be great!

Deck Staining Day

Once your deck has been cleaned and the surface has been assessed and sanded or scraped as necessary, it's time to put on the topcoat of stain. Our team of deck stainers has been hard at work making sure that the lumber on your deck is consistently clean and ready to accept a coat of stain that will look great no matter what the weather conditions are at your Macomb area home. Again, we will mask the drip zone to avoid any splatter against your siding and to protect everything under a second story patio deck.

More Than Just Color

Thanks to the professionals at Shelby Macomb Painters, your deck cleaning and staining project will do more than put a fresh color on your deck. Deck staining companies have to stay up on the technology of these products, which is constantly changing to keep lumber protected from moisture, pests and sunlight. In addition, because deck stain has to be applied out in the open air, the industry is heavily regulated. We are well-versed in the changing regulatory environment of all products to be used outdoors and can help you choose the best product for your application.

We Live Here Too

Shelby Macomb Painters has been in business for more than twenty years here in Shelby Township. We understand the challenges you face to keep your deck looking great during the bright summers in Michigan as well as the harsh winter conditions. When the sun is out and the air is warm, you want to be enjoying your deck. Our crew of deck stainers are ready to go to work for you!

Our business is fully insured. In addition, our crew members are like family and we want them to work in a safe environment. Thus, we put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that our crews are well-trained on the proper handling of all cleaning, sanding, scraping and staining tools as well as the products we use. In addition to making sure that the crew is well trained, we will be available to you to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for an estimate so you'll know exactly what your project will entail and how long the job will take.

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