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Since most commercial property owners spend most of their time within a building, it is easier to think about internal maintenance and paint issues inside. However, the building's exterior is just as important. When it comes to commercial painting indoors or outdoors, the two biggest factors are appearance and protection.

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Why Commercial Exterior Painting Is Important

Your building's exterior often creates a first impression with people. They may drive by and see it, and the look of the building may prompt them to stop or compel them to keep driving. If your building's exterior is unattractive or has peeling paint, it can send a negative message about service quality, product quality, and even customer care. You can also use exterior paint to reflect your brand and its image.

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Exterior paint is also important is because it helps protect the structure of your building. A high-quality paint that is applied properly can create a protective seal that helps prevent moisture from seeping in. If water seeps in, it can cause discoloration, water damage behind the walls, and mold growth. Since these issues can be costly to fix as they worsen, exterior paint should be considered a necessity.

Why Commercial Interior Painting Is Important

Depending on the type of business you operate, there may be numerous benefits of using interior paint that apply to that industry. Some benefits apply to all industries and types of businesses. For example, moisture-resistant paint is beneficial for all types of interiors. It should be part of a company's strategy to prevent costly and unnecessary problems, such as mold and mildew.

Interior paint protects the walls, which reduces the likelihood of mold or mildew buildup. Build-up of both can aggravate health issues for employees and customers. Interior paint can also brighten a workspace and make employees feel more cheerful and productive. It may affect how customers feel as well. Just like with exterior color choices, smart interior paint color choices can strengthen your brand image.

When Is It Time for New Paint?

Paint does not have to be peeling indoors or outdoors for a new application to be needed. In many cases, exterior paint is good for up to seven years. Interior paint may last even longer. However, some factors may shorten the expected lifetime of the paint. One factor is changing moisture. In Michigan, the cycles of humid summers and freezing winters can weaken the paint. Exposure to moisture indoors can also be hard on paint (think steam from a restaurant kitchen). If you are unsure about your building needs new interior or exterior paint, please call us for a professional assessment.

Why Choose Shelby Macomb Painters?

If your building's exterior or interior needs an initial paint job or needs to be repainted, it is important to call a professional. While painting may sound or look easy, it requires special knowledge to ensure that the job is done properly and yields a durable, long lasting finish. One of the best reasons to call us for your commercial painting project is our satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that you do not lose money on your investment. Our company is insured, and our painters have been thoroughly vetted. We hire people who have a good reputation for quality work, ethical behavior, and good customer service abilities.

When we come to your business, our commercial painting contractors do their best to work around you and your employees or tenants to minimize any interruptions. We understand that time is money, and our goal is to work as efficiently as possible. Our professionals are team players and work with each other and with you to make the experience positive for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why our customers like working with us and recommend us to their friends or colleagues:

  • We have been in business for over two decades.
  • Our contractors are familiar with the top technologies and equipment in our industry.
  • We are committed to being leaders in the community for excellence in customer service.
  • Our contractors have extensive knowledge of paint characteristics and properties, and  understanding of various substrates.

What to Expect With Commercial Painting

When you hire our commercial painting contractors, they handle all of the preparation work. They will prepare the exterior or interior by cleaning it thoroughly. After that, they remove any peeling or chipping paint, as necessary. They will apply the proper paint and coatings to ensure a smooth look and a durable surface.

Our painters will review your plans with you before they start. They do this to ensure that the result meets your requirements. As they work, they try to avoid blocking areas that are necessary for customers, tenants, or employees to access. When they are finished, they will clean away any spills, debris, and painting supplies. Rest assured that we make it a priority to treat your property with the utmost care and to treat you with the utmost respect.

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During our time in the Macomb County area, we have handled many exterior commercial painting projects. We proudly serve hospitals, government agencies, educational facilities, medical clinics, office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, parking structures, warehouses, condominiums, factories, and many other types of businesses.

If you know what type or colors of paint you want, we will ensure that you get what you need to achieve your desired look and to protect the surfaces adequately. Our professionals will explain the process to you and give you a timeline for project completion. Please call us today to discuss your needs and to receive a free price estimate.

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